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Risk Manager. Protector. Educator. Writer. Widow. Mother. Daughter. Realtor. Volunteer. Survivor. Advisor. 

Producer. Broker. Bourbon Enthusiast. Ergophile.

Greek Revival Aficionado. Philomath.

Kristine has a uniquely synergistic skill set with areas of expertise in brokerage development, real estate, financial services, physical protection, and business design and operations. She is equipped and experienced in risk management, business development, and not for profit governance and strategy. Her strategic agility and potent expertise captivates her audience whether an auditorium of a thousand or an individual in her business development program.


Kristine says it all the time: "Eye's on the prize! Commitment yields success." It's not just a pep talk, she's lived it. As a new mother and widow she entered the financial and real estate markets during the recession and came out on top. She's proven that her resourcefulness, subject matter expertise, work ethic, and knack for strategy is the recipe for success.


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This is a historical list of topics that Kristine has presented on.  Suggestions welcome.



Short list of clients and previous speaking engagements. Note this is a partial list.

Industry specific bios, interview questions, media highlights... everything Kristine

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Ensures that each party has the details to manage the logistics and specifics related to an event.

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Highlights of Kristine's clients in action

Industry authority in his submarket inking $328.9M in his 5th year 

Selected as a Realtor Magazine 50 under 50 Finalist

To date 100% have met their monetary goals

9 clients adorn the front cover of major metro market magazines

47% write over $30k in commissions in the first 6 months

100% success converting from residential to commercial

Top agent in a large national brand real estate brokerage

Offered a position with Josh Flagg of the T.V. show Million Dollar Listing 

Under her tutelage 26% published best sellers

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